The Wellness & Spa areas in the Europa-Park hotels are places of peace and relaxation for body, mind and soul. In order to ensure a relaxing atmosphere, we would kindly ask all spa visitors to keep noise levels to an absolute minimum. Use your time in the Wellness & Spa area to thoroughly relax. The use of mobile phones is not allowed in either the relaxation or sauna areas. Smoking is not permitted in any part of the Wellness & Spa areas. Guests must be aged 18+ to use the sauna areas.

Before the Treatment

Well prepared for a pampering

If you have booked a massage or a body treatment, or if you are using one of our sauna areas, please ensure that you drink enough water or tea beforehand. A balanced level of water will maximise your body’s ability to benefit from the detoxifying effects of our treatments.

Do not begin your spa experience when you are hungry or immediately after eating. Avoid heavy meals at least one hour before the start of your treatment.


Just the way you like it

Speak to our staff. Not all your wishes can be anticipated if you do not mention them. Your therapist will ask about your particular wishes before and during the treatment. The right music, the best oil or the desired room temperature are only a few things that will make your stay a perfect experience. Please be sure to inform our employee if you are pregnant, suffer from high blood pressure or if you may have a heart condition or health problems of any kind or other physical restrictions. This will ensure that you can enjoy your visit to the full!


Feel comfortable!

If you have booked a treatment, bath robes, bathing shoes and towels will be provided for you. Lockers are available for your clothing. You are perfectly welcome, however, to come to the spa directly with the bath robe from your room. We recommend arriving for your treatment without make-up. If you have booked a facial or body treatment, we kindly ask you to remove jewellery and outer garments. Please keep your under garments on. For some treatments, your therapist will provide you with disposable undergarments. For your comfort, the parts of the body not involved in the massage will be kept warm under a sheet or towel. Our sauna areas are nudist areas. We kindly ask you to cover your body when using the spa corridors and the quiet areas.

After the Treatment

To prolong your sense of relaxation

Don't rush:
Breathe deeply and leave all your thoughts, worries and problems behind. Soak up the ambiance for a lasting respite from everyday cares, whether you choose to enjoy our sauna facilities or pool areas or to work up a sweat with one of our fitness options.

Be sun conscious:
Your skin is more vulnerable to UV light after a body scrub or oil massage. Please protect your skin from sunlight after a treatment.